New features added to Trademetria

We are pleased to announce new features to help you analyze, understand and improve your trading performance.

Here is a list of recent updates:

  1. Sort your trades by date, side, symbol, quantity, price, gross, net and tags.
  2. Additional columns added (financial volume, gross, average price, open position) and more to come.
  3. Choose what columns you want to see on your trades page. Add/remove columns for all your trades for each account.
  4. For traders with thousands of orders, you will notice an increased loading speed of your trades page.
  5. You can now see how many points you made per trade with and without quantity as well as average points per trade. This is especially useful for futures traders that need to know how many points they make without contract multipliers. It can also be useful for equities and options traders to find out how many cents they made total and on average.
  6. Multiple platforms and brokers added, notably Multichart, Sierrachart, Rithmic Trader, Pro Trader, Lightspeed, FX Blue and DAS Trader.
  7. You can now select which currency you would like to see your pnl and metrics. The default currency is USD.
  8. You can now easily expire options contracts from your portfolio page.
  9. Additional contracts added for US, Europe and Indian markets.
  10. Export your trades for tax purposes.

Plus, dozens of background changes to make our system, faster, safer and stable.

Our goal is to help you beat the markets. Miss anything? Please let us know.

Log in to your account now to view the new features.

5 essential metrics you can track using a trading spreadsheet


Regardless of your level as a trader, I always believe that good record keeping either through a trading journal software or trading spreadsheet is required for anyone that wants to become successful in trading. These tools help you really understand what goes on with your trading performance from a statistical point of view removing all emotions, judgements and ambiguity from your analysis.

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Your own trading back office

We are pleased to announce new features to improve your trading performance and track every aspect of your trading business.

You can now view the average time spent on losing vs winning trades. If you are spending more time holding on to losers, you are not managing risk very well, thus not following your entry and exit rules. Ideally, you want to hold on to winners longer or at least for the same time as your losers. Discover how this metric works by viewing your kpi report. By the way, this is a paid feature.

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Ranking your trading strategies

At Trademetria, you can tag your trades according to the strategy used and discover your best and worst strategies. This feature also helps you backtest new strategies and keep track of the results.

This feature is very important because when you trade, you need to know what strategies have higher probability of profits. Pulling the trigger will be easier and you can trade with more confidence. On the other hand, if a trade appears on a strategy that is not likely to generate profits, you must think twice before entering the trade or not enter at all.

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How to become a trader


I started trading back in 2001 when my college buddy recommended to buy INFA. I bought 200 shares at $14 and held it for two years selling it for $8. Thanks for the tip buddy! During the next few years, I wasted a lot of time and money trying to learn to trade by myself. All and all, I lost around $5K after “playing” for about 3 years before work. I took some time off and decided to give trading another chance, but this time a real chance. I started trading in a prop firm where I had all the necessary tools to succeed. Under this new environment, I had only 4 down months out of 48 during my trading career. Most importantly, I only lost about $1500 to reach profitability. Pretty big difference from when I tried to learn by myself.

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Ranking Instruments

At Trademetria, you are one click away from discovering  your best and worst instruments to trade. This is important for any trader because you don’t want to waste time trading instruments that are not profitable. Instead, you must be agressively trading the ones you are great at. This report gives you hard evidence of what you should be trading.

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How can your trading mentor help you with Trademetria


I am living proof that training and mentorship are two of the most important pillars to becoming a profitable trader. When I tried to learn by myself back in 2001, I lost $10k and 3 years trying. When I joined a prop firm that offered training, mentorship, top tools and traders to talk to, I had 44 profitable months in 48. Big difference.

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