Stock Trading Journal

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“A review of statistics can help determine if a trader is overtrading in too many equities, scalping and trading too rapidly and missing opportunities, or trading too slowly and also missing opportunities to take profits.” Dr. Ari Kiev, Trading coach and book author

Stock Trading Journal

Filter your pnl by accounts

Some traders have swing and day trading accounts or multiple brokers. Consolidating your pnl can be a time consuming job. We can show your combined or filtered account results on a single screen.

Stock trading journal

A trading journal is a log of your trading events. What happened on that trade, day or press release that made the stock go up? Use our full WYSIWYG HTML editor for easy journaling.

Easy imports

It sucks to import trades manually, especially if you day trade. We offer auto import for most popular platforms and brokers. Save time and focus on what is important.

Account customization

Set account goals, add your own commissions, ecn fees, finra fees, custom fees and have full control of your trading business.

Reports that really matter

Stop trading what you can't understand. Stop trading strategies that don't work. Discover your best stocks, best strategies, best times to trade, best market conditions and more.

Multi Markets

You can track stocks from almost any market in the world. You can also track options, futures and forex. Visit our help page for a full list of supported instruments.

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