Trademetria for Managers

Increase trader profitability and stay on top of your firm results

Trading tech that will make your team smarter, faster and more effective

Software for Trading Firms and Schools

What brokers, head traders and firm managers get

Trade reporting, analytics and management for firms of any size

Performance oriented reporting

Reduce churn and increase retention rates by improving the client experience. Help your clients by discovering what really goes on with their trading decisions and build meaningful relationships along the way.

Increase back-office efficiency

Forget dealing with excel spreadsheets and upgrade your back office to a robust, structured and centralized system to reach and communicate information faster among traders and teammates.

Fully customizable

Your url, your style, your branding. White label our solution according to your branding needs or tap into our API and use your own front end. Hosted on Amazon AWS, leader in cloud infrastructure.

Differentiate yourself

New clients, new demands. How are you keeping them engaged, motivated and loyal? Innovation that brings positive impact and adds value to your company.

Empower your team

Embed yourself into your client's workflow by viewing what they are viewing. Collaborate with clients using quantifiable evidence.

Save time

Stop creating and maintaining multiple xls trading spreadsheets that are outdated the minute they are created. Our system generates up to date reports and integrates all client data into a centralized place, accessible from anywhere.

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