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General Questions

Our trading journal uses your trading data to analyze, measure and monitor your trading performance. With our system, you will be able to make better trading decisions and increase your profits.

Our service is used by traders, investors, trading schools, brokers and prop firms.

We support the following instruments:

  • Equities: all nasdaq, nyse, amex listed companies.
  • Options: only simple directional buy and sell operations. Expired contracts can be entered with a price of 0.
  • Forex: All pairs including standard, mini and micro lots. Since we don't have built-in currency conversion, we will display pnl in the quote currency only.
  • Futures
    SymbolNameFutures exchange fee
    6BBritish Pound$1.60
    6EEuro FX$1.60
    6JJapanese Yen$1.60
    6SSwiss Franc$1.60
    BPBritish Pound$1.60
    CDCanadian Dollar$1.60
    CLCrude Oil$1.50
    E7E-Mini Euro FX$0.85
    EMDE-Mini S&P Midcap 400$1.18
    ESE-Mini S&P 500$1.18
    FDAXDAX Index$0.67
    FDXMMini DAX Index$0.38
    FESXEuro Stoxx 50$0.47
    FGBLEuro Bund$0.37
    FGBMEuro Bobl$0.37
    HOHeating Oil$1.50
    J7E-Mini Japanese Yen$0.85
    KWKansas City Wheat$1.95
    M6AE-Micro Australian Dollar$0.16
    M6BE-Micro British Pound$0.16
    M6EE-Micro Euro$0.16
    MPMexican Peso$1.60
    NQE-Mini NASDAQ 100$1.18
    QGE-Mini Natural Gas$0.50
    QME-Mini Crude Oil$1.20
    TFRussell 2000 Index Mini$0.65
    USUS Dollar$0.80
    XCMini Corn$1.03
    YME-Mini Dow ($5)$1.16
    ZBUS Treasury Bond$0.80
    ZF5-Year T-Note$0.65
    ZN10-Year T-Note$0.75
    You can choose whether to apply the default exchange fees above. We are constantly adding more contracts. Contact us to add your contracts. Please note that you must add the date to your contracts otherwise our system might interpret them as equities. For example CL is Colgate Palmolive, not crude oil. To enter a CL contract, you can type CL12-16 or CL12 or CL followed by any number or dash.

Symbol entry formats:

Our system will recognize equities, options, futures contracts for US markets and forex, but you must input them in the proper format.

  • Equities: MSFT, GOOG, TMO, A, CE.
  • Options: GOOG Mar 15 500 PUT, KO Mar 15 20 Call, IBM 160729C160000
  • Contracts: contracts such as ESZ16, ESZ6, YMU6, CGV7, CLU6, etc.
  • Forex: All pairs including standard, mini and micro lots such as EURUSD, AUDCADMICRO, GBPUSDMINI. Since we don't have built-in currency conversion, we will display pnl in the quote currency only.

Let us know if you are working with specific symbols that are not being interpreted correctly by our system.

We are constantly adding platform and broker import support. We currently support:

  • Collective2
  • Das Trader
  • eOption
  • Haywood Manager
  • Hold Brothers Gray Box
  • Infinity Futures
  • Interactive Brokers (Tradelog format)
  • MB Trading
  • Meta Trader 5 HTML file
  • Meta Trader Web Export
  • Motivewave
  • Multicharts
  • Ninja Trader 7
  • Prop Reports
  • Rithmic Trader
  • Sterling Trader
  • Suretrader
  • Tastyworks
  • ThinkorSwim
  • Tradestation (Xls format)
  • Tradovate
  • TT Desktop
  • X_Trader

If you don`t find your broker here, please send us a sample file in html, xml, csv, xls and we'll try to add it within 48 business hours.

Pre-Sale Questions

We work with all major credit cards. Our payment processing company is Paypal, leader in online payments.

No, you can cancel the service anytime through our system or through your paypal account.

Cancel your account within 7 days and we'll refund your money.

Please refer to our pricing page for more details.

Get in touch with us or open an account to access a comprehensive help section.

Pre-sale Questions for Managers

Besides letting your traders analyze their trading performance and optimize it, we can also help managers stay on top of trader's results while monitoring everyone's performance. Learn more about Trademetria for managers.

Yes, we can create your own version of Trademetria with your logo and a custom url. You can also host our software on your servers. Costs vary depending on setup.

Yes, we can compute trading costs but due to the complexity of the computations and on-going changes, we can only estimate some of these costs. Our goal is not trade reporting, but to help traders optimize their performance.

No, you can cancel your service at anytime.

Trademetria for managers is free, however if you need a white label version, a fee of $250/mo will be charged on top of the number of users subscribed. For example, your own version of Trademetria with 10 users will cost $250.00 + $19.90 per user per month. If you don't need private labeling, the cost would be 10 * $19.90 per month. Contact us for accounts bigger than 10 users for license discounts.