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More trading journal features & benefits

Easy imports

Import manually, by csv or custom files. We work with most top trading platforms and brokers to easily import your trades.

Trading journal made easy

Forget your cumbersome trading spreadsheet. Full WYSIWYG HTML editor to log your trading events, emotions and behaviors.

Track open positions

Don't you hate logging in to 4 different brokers to find out how much you are up? Our system consolidates all your open equities positions in a single screen.

Account customization

Set account goals, add your own commissions, custom fees and have full control of your trading business.

Backtest strategies

Organize your backtests, view future pnl projections, segregate pnl by longs, shorts, instruments, compute and add fees to your backtesting reports.

Multi Markets

We support futures, stocks and options for US markets and forex. Visit our help page for a full list of supported instruments.

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Upgrade your trading business. You are seconds away from improving your trading performance.